Catch up on the 2CC in ’23 Challenge

We now know more about dental implant marketing and sales than ever before and how to achieve maximum results…and you have access to all of these very best practices! We are 100% confident that each of our amazing clients can achieve the 2 Comma Club award in 2023 – whether for the first time or the 10th time!

Watch the 2CC in ’23 webinars to learn how to
earn your next million in 2023!

Part 1 of the series provided insight into how to set the stage for success. We covered how to set achievable goals, track your numbers, create your marketing budget, build the right team to achieve your goals, and so much more.

In the second webinar, you learned the strategies to set up your appointment setters for success including how to increase your contact, schedule, and show rates.

In Part 3, we reviewed treatment coordination BEST PRACTICES and how to maximize starts and gain financial approvals during the consultation.

New Strategy!

Re-target your marketing to your website visitors using direct mail

Direct mail isn’t the same as it used to be. You now have the ability to use it to automatically market to those who are already interested in your services AND prevent them from going to your competitors.

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