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Commitment is the key to this doctor’s success

Dr. David Lawrence from Warwick Dental is the newest member of the Two Comma Club!

Dr. David Lawrence graduated in 2016 and bought his practice in Oklahoma City offering general dentistry services. Warwick Dental started placing implants around 2018 and two years later, decided to take the next step and began a more advanced surgical and prosthetic workflow. 

He began to seek out how to locate, and where he could obtain the patients that would benefit from his services and the services of his team. It was at that time that one of his marketing advisors mentioned Dental Implant Machine to him. 

That was two years ago and today, he is celebrating his own success as the newest member of the Two Comma Club.

Commitment is the key to dental implant marketing

Dr. Lawrence attributes his success not only to his personal commitment but the unwavering commitment of his team. Cultivating a team mindset has truly allowed each team member to shine and provide patients with the very best care.

Dr. Lawrence’s Advice for doctors who are growing a dental implant practice:

  1. Focus on your team. Make sure that you have your team trained up from phone skills to the appointment setting, and the selling of the treatment plans because, you know, you can’t do without them. Make sure your team is on board with what you’re trying to accomplish and have all those goals aligned. 
  2. Have the proper surgical skills. Be certain that you are properly trained and up-to-date with your surgical and prosthetics skills.  
  3. Have a great mentor. These cases often require more complex surgeries and rehabilitations, so it’s important to not only be trained well, but you must have a great mentor to complement those skills because that’s so important. 
  4. Give it time and be committed to the process. There is no magic lever or time frame that will guarantee success. Be committed and give things time to really ramp up and get started. Be leary of marketing companies who guarantee success in (for example) 30 days. Trust in the process and give it everything you (and your team) have.

To find out how your practice can reach the Two Comma Club, click here to schedule a time to chat with a Growth Specialist and learn how we helped our doctors generate over $150,000,000 in dental implant treatment starts.

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