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We use Dental Implant Machine’s Setter Center.  Our setter, Eileen, has booked so many consults that we’re going to have to add some Fridays to get them all in!

Dr. Wong

Dublin, CA

From Good to Great: How Dental Implant Machine and Their Success Coach Program Transformed This Practice

Samantha McIver shares her experience working with Dental Implant Machine:

“Working with Dental Implant Machine has been great so far. I have worked with other outside dental marketing companies and what really stands apart is the Success Coach. We work with Brian, who is my Success Coach for our office, and we have monthly meetings where we get to do role-playing over the phone. I’ve had some issues running the dashboard and he’s right there to help me. There were some things we’ve had to tweak and make some changes. However, it’s been really great so far. We’ve definitely had to work through some kinks and we’re excited for some more changes to come. The month of July, we had nine Esteem arches completed. We saw multiple consultations. It’s been really great and I’m looking forward to more of it.”

Samantha McIver

Dental Assistant, Smiles at Lakewood Ranch

Dental Implant Machine is the leading Dental Implant Marketing company in the United States. We not only get you leads, we get you qualified leads – leads that are more likely to become your patients and start treatment with your office. We pride ourselves on ensuring the success of our clients by helping them maximize their dental implant production by providing you with our tried and tested systems and processes, in addition to a personal Success Coach. 

RECEIVE personalized and hands-on growth strategies with dental implant machine

Your Success Coach provides your office with a personalized and hands-on approach in growing your dental implant practice. Your Success Coach provides sales training which includes role-playing calls and situations, and going over scripts to ensure you are communicating with patients in the most optimal way. Additionally, your Success Coach provides guidance for your team to keep you on the right path in following our systems and processes that will ultimately help you start more treatments and close more cases.

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