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Telling your patient stories helps generate more qualified dental implant treatment leads

How to Garner More Attention as a Dental Implant Provider: Capture and Publish Patient Stories

Hey, it’s Kevin from Dental Implant Machine, dropping in with another client success story. I wanted to let you know about a phone call that I just had with a client located in New York City. 

The thing that I love about working with this doctor is that they are always capturing and telling patient stories. They do this in the form of interviews, or in the form of a smile reveal. They even take a quick selfie with the patient – while they are in the chair – with a huge smile on their face after seeing themselves for the first time – after many years – with a full set of fixed teeth.

Dental Implant Patient Stories Inspire and Motivate Future Patients to Get Treatment Done

These stories are inspirational, they motivate patients and help them visualize the goals they want to achieve. Publishing your patient stories on your website, social media pages, and marketing content is a big factor in helping your dental office attract potential patients. Using these stories in your marketing, help potential patients see and visualize what you can help them achieve. When they see themselves in these stories, the vision of their new smile is no longer something of fiction, it is something possible and real.

Showcase Stories to Help Potential Patients Relate to Those You’ve Already Helped

Patient stories are very compelling and motivating to those who have doubts or fears about getting dental work. When people see these stories online, they realize and can see how this type of treatment is not out of reach. If other people, other average everyday Americans just like them are getting the treatment that they need; there’s no reason that they can’t get it too.

Capture more stories and get more patients to come into your office

The interest that we are able to capture with these stories, motivates people to reach out to your office and see how they can get this treatment done for themselves. People love to relate to other people. By telling compelling patient stories, we can help our potential patients relate to the people that we’ve already helped. If you’re not already capturing patient stories, then I urge you to start doing so.

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