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Why We partnered with DIM

Dental Implant Machine is the dental industry’s leading marketing experts and has been helping doctors grow their practices for many years. The key to their ability to help generate new patients for their clients is their commitment to continuously testing conversion strategies based on the patient’s journey. 

In layman’s terms, they’ve figured out how to get inside the patient’s head and lead them down the path from being aware they have a problem to being ready to start treatment, without taking up a bunch of your staff’s valuable time.

“It’s our mission to help doctors grow their practice, not just generate low-quality leads like other marketing companies. This commitment has allowed us to help more doctors make over a million dollars in new patient treatment starts than anyone else in the industry.”

– Spencer Walker, CEO
  Dental Implant Machine

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A full suite of marketing services you can choose from

High-Conversion WebsitesThe Dental Funnels Platform provides your practice with a website where every page is designed to convert a visitor into a qualified patient. The system even follows up with your prospective patient via text, email, and direct mail to nurture them until they’re ready to book an appointment!
Traffic Driving Strategies Attract more prospective patients to your practice website using Organic Rankings Machine, a full SEO suite of services that help you be the first place patients go to when they’re ready to begin looking at dental services AND capture the lead once they reach your website.
Online Advertising Dental Implant Machine offers a full-funnel advertising system through Youtube, Facebook, Google, and more for dental implant and ortho services. But it’s not only advertisements!  You get fully customized landing pages and nurture campaigns with the program in order to take the most advantage of your advertising dollars!

Dental Implant Machine offers many more services including sales coaching for your team, virtual treatment coordinating, and virtual appointment setting.

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