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The Magic Postcard will automatically follow up and book appointments with abandoned website visitors.


The Magic Postcard system works for all areas of dentistry.

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Magic Postcard Marketing
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Why this marketing technology works

According to data provided by Facebook and Google, the average dental practice website only converts about 4.5% of its website visitors. Think about that for a second….

Only about 4 out of every 100 visitors on your website will contact you, meaning you are missing out on potential business from your website 96% of the time!

This system targets these lost potential leads automatically by tracking the pages they view, matching them to public data to find their contact information, and sending them a postcard from you the same day!

Ready to make your prospects 1046% more likely to become patients?

frequently asked questions

What kind of customizations can i expect on the postcard?

We will provide you with our most effective postcard template and provide you with one design consultation.  The postcard will be customized with your practice logo, contact information, special offers, and other items upon request. We highly recommend using the postcard we have already tested.  If you prefer to use your own card you may also do that.

Can I choose what areas the postcard can be delivered to?

Yes! We can limit the postcard to certain geographic areas. We are also able to send to those who express interest on specific services on your website.

What can I expect to pay each month?

For this promotion we are waiving the monthly fee and you simply pay $1.50 per postcard you send.  If you have 100 visitors we usually match 40 – 50% and send a postcard.

How do I know who the postcards are mailed to?

The postcards are matched to the user’s addresses which is matched to the cookie they have on their device.  This ensures that the address is an actual match that the customer has actually verified.  You will receive access to a dashboard where you can see how many addresses you matched and some basic information about the location they were sent to.

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Total Value: $4728

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$97 One time

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Magic Postcard Marketing System - Lifetime Account × 1
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