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2 Comma Club Interview with Dr. Berger

Dr. Jacob Berger from Smiles at Lakewood Ranch is the newest member of the two comma club!

Dr. Berger’s mission is to care for his patients with compassion, empathy, and a healthy sense of humor. He strives to provide the best dentistry he can in order to be a leader in the field of dentistry, as well as in his community. “If I put the patient first, everything else seems to fall into place.”

Taking Ownership is a Key Step to Reaching Success

Dr. Berger attributes his success in achieving the 2 comma club award to his ownership mentality. Taking ownership of issues in his dental practice and taking ownership of his team, fuelled the growth of his practice and enabled him to reach new perspectives and development in his leadership style, and ultimately take ownership of his dental implant marketing.


Excuses don’t make results, actions do

Dr. Berger commented that he was initially making excuses for when things didn’t work out in terms of his marketing expectations. “There was reason after reason after reason why we were never going to be successful, until I flipped that switch and said, you know what? I gotta take ownership.” Dr. Berger took ownership and decided that he had to become a great leader and guide his team on what to do. Being able to admit that he needed to step up and be better, that he wasn’t doing enough – was the spark that ignited his drive to do better.

Good Communication throughout your team is vital in ensuring the success of your dental implant production

Dr. Berger’s advice to other doctors looking to sign up with Dental Implant Machine, is to make sure that the entire team is aware of the whole process. The whole team has to be able to understand the patient funnel – the whole process from initial contact to follow ups, until they reach the actual treatment. According to Dr. Berger, If you don’t make sure that the whole team is aware of all the processes, then it’ll sound like just a gimmick, or just an app on a phone or computer. There’s a certain amount of awareness that you want to make sure your whole team knows. That way you can be more effective with it.

Good communication is another significant thing you need to have. When you are able to tell your team, this isn’t working or this is working. I didn’t like that verbiage or I do like this verbiage. Your team will be able to function the way you want them to, and you will then see the success that comes from being able to communicate with and understand each other.


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