Growing a Successful Dental Practice: Insights from a 2 Comma Club Dentist on Evolution, Collaboration, and Process Optimization

Dr. Trichas recently achieved the Two Comma Club award, this award signifies that his practice has generated $1 million dollars in sales with Dental Implant Machine. On a call with Spencer, the CEO of Dental Implant Machine, Dr. Trichas shared his success story and how the company helped him reach his goal.

Success is an Evolutionary Process

Dr. Trichas credits his success to Dental Implant Machine’s process and methodology. He emphasizes the importance of following the systems and processes that Dental Implant Machine has laid out, as doing so will help you reach your goals quicker. Dental Implant Machine is the leading dental implant marketing company on the market for a reason, and our testimonies are a testament to that.

Dr. Trichas shares that success is not an overnight process, but rather an evolutionary one. Therefore, doctors should focus on the process and make the necessary pivots to allow their practice to grow. Dr. Trichas emphasizes that success is a journey that has to start somewhere, and doctors can start by working with Dental Implant Machine, listening to their advice, and working closely with their Success Coach. Over time, they will begin hitting certain benchmarks, and before they know it, they’ll be on their way to achieving their goals and maximizing their dental implant production.

Having an Ownership Mentality fuels your success as an implant dentist

Dr. Trichas’s ownership mentality is a big reason for his success. He holds himself and his team accountable and ensures the processes and systems are implemented. His success proves that having an ownership mentality can make a significant difference in achieving the desired results.

Dental Implant Machine’s marketing program is adapted to your practice’s needs and will help dentists increase their patient schedule and close rate

Dr. Trichas shares that Dental Implant Machine has helped him achieve a success rate that he’s never had before. He has noticed that there is not a day or week that goes by without seeing a Dental Implant Machine consultation on his practice’s schedule.

By working with Dental Implant Machine, dentists can expect high-quality touchpoints that drive results and a team that is dedicated to supporting them through their journey to change peoples’ lives by giving them back their smiles.

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