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dental implant office managers! “Camp in” on your conversations to increase your show rate

I just got off a call here with one of our dental implant clinics out on the east coast to review their progress with their sales strategies. The one thing that they were doing well with was the number of appointments that they were setting. They’re sitting at about 17%, meaning about 17% of their leads schedule to come in for a treatment consult. They are struggling with getting those prospective patients to show up for their consultations.

Make Your POTENTIAL dental implant Patients A Priority

One solution I offered is to really step up on what we refer to as camping in conversations. This means that you must continually be checking for communication from prospective dental implant patients and respond right away. The longer it takes for you to reach out, the less of a chance you’ll be able to get ahold of them.¬†Also, the quicker you respond, the more trust you build with the patient which increases the likeliness of them showing up for their appointment.

The 5 Minute Rule for responding to dental implant patient leads

A great way to do this is to get two monitors for your front desk. Have one of those monitors set up for conversations only. If you use Dental Implant Machine’s system, you would keep the conversations tab from your dashboard open on this monitor. That way, when someone emails, texts, or calls, you can see that right away and reply within five minutes. When you reply to those, you’ll find that the patients that are calling in are often wanting to do something right now.

She mentioned that she was doing something similar to it, but it was a struggle for her to get it within five minutes. So we set the goal we had for her this week to try as much as possible to have that tab open and checked continuously throughout the day.

So that’s just the nugget I want to share with you guys here. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Dental Implant Machine so we can help you achieve the growth objectives for your practice!

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  1. Jacob Hiller

    Love this information. 21X more likely to pick up the phone when contacted in that first 5 minutes!


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