How Dr. Adam Frounfelter Took the Leap of Faith and Reached $1,000,000 in Dental Implant Production: A Two Comma Club Interview

Welcome to another inspiring Two Comma Club interview, where we showcase the journeys of successful entrepreneurs and professionals who have reached the remarkable milestone of earning $1,000,000 or more in their chosen field. In this edition, we sit down with Dr. Adam Frounfelter, a dental implant doctor from Indiana, to explore his path to success and discover the secrets behind his achievement.

Meet Dr. Adam Frounfelter

Dr. Adam Frounfelter is an accomplished dentist deeply devoted to the field of dental implant treatment. In addition to crafting numerous radiant smiles, he has recently achieved the prestigious honor of joining the Two Comma Club. Join us as we take a look into his remarkable journey and uncover the path that led him to this exceptional milestone.

THE Role of the Two Comma Club Award

Dr. Frounfelter proudly displays his Two Comma Club award, a symbol of his outstanding achievement. When asked about the significance of this accolade, he emphasized that it represents a culmination of efforts, not only for himself but by his entire team. For Dr. Frounfelter, it signifies the success and collective dedication of his practice. His goal has always been to excel in full-arch surgery and to do more of the dental implant procedures that change the lives of his patients. For him, achieving the Two Comma Club Award milestone has shown his team that their hard work and commitment have paid off.

THE Team Behind the SuccesS

Dr. Frounfelter acknowledges that his success wouldn’t have been possible without his exceptional team. He highlights the crucial role his staff members have played in driving the practice forward. These individuals are not just employees; they are dedicated professionals who share in the joy of transforming patients’ lives through dental implants.


Key Factors Contributing to Success

Dr. Frounfelter shared several key factors that have contributed to his success:

  • Minimal Advertising Doesn’t Work: Surprisingly, the practice had never previously invested in advertising or search engine optimization. Their first experience with marketing was with Dental Implant Machine (DIM) and showed them the potential. Once they started to see the marketing system working, they were led to invest more heavily in it.
  • Availability in the Schedule: Dr. Frounfelter realized that having a fully booked schedule was both a blessing and a challenge. To accommodate the growing demand of patients now that marketing was turned on, he transitioned to focusing exclusively on full-arch surgeries, ensuring that they could fulfill patient expectations.
  • Devoted Team Members: This practice’s devoted team members are crucial to its success. From handling phone calls to initial implant consults and surgical assistance, having a team that’s fully committed to filling the schedule and providing exceptional patient care has been a game-changer.


Chloe’s Journey: A Leap of Faith

One standout moment in Dr. Frounfelter’s journey was the decision to transition one of their best dental assistants, into the role of an implant lead coordinator. This transition was not without its challenges, but it ultimately paid off. Dr. Adam noticed a natural ability in Chloe to genuinely care for and connect with patients. As an assistant, her ability to connect with patients and guide them through the treatment journey has been a significant asset to the practice. Realizing that the leads from marketing needed this type of care and attention from the very beginning of their patient experience, Dr. Frounfelter made the decision to move Chloe from assisting to implant lead coordinator full-time. The decision to empower team members like Chloe demonstrates Dr. Frounfelter’s willingness to invest in his team’s potential.


Advice for Those Starting with Dental Implant Machine

For dentists just starting their journey with Dental Implant Machine, Dr. Frounfelter offers valuable advice:

  • Prioritize Schedule Availability: Ensure you have open slots in your schedule to accommodate consults and patient treatments effectively.
  • Invest in Devoted Team Members: Identify team members who have the potential to excel in roles beyond their current responsibilities. Give them the opportunity and time to thrive!
  • Trust the Process: Trust the guidance provided by DIM and its coaches. They are there to help you succeed, even when it means holding you accountable for following the prescribed steps.


Dr. Frounfelter’s Positive Experience with Dental Implant Machine

When asked about his overall experience with Dental Implant Machine, Dr. Frounfelter expressed his love for the process. He emphasized that DIM has provided them with an effective system to ensure success. From the guidance of their coach, Summer, to the consistent flow of quality patients, DIM has played a pivotal role in helping them achieve their remarkable success.


Congrats Dr. Frounfelter & Team

Dr. Adam Frounfelter’s journey to the Two Comma Club is a testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and having the right tools in place for the job. His story highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing the potential within your team and trusting in the process. If you’re considering Dental Implant Machine as a solution for your practice, Dr. Frounfelter’s experience serves as an inspiring example of what’s possible. As he continues to change lives and reach for more milestones, we look forward to celebrating his future successes!



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