No more “no-shows”: How this dental implant practice got patients to show up to their consultations

Hello, my friends, it is Kevin at Dental Implant Machine. I hope you’re doing well. I am here in the office early this morning to share with you an exciting story about a client in the upstate New York area.

This client has been working with us for about two years and during their time with us, they have achieved the Two Comma Club Award; meaning that they’ve reached their goals and produced over a million dollars in dental implant treatments through our system. They’ve also been asked and accepted to be a faculty member in our Mastermind group – which is for clients who really want to take it to the next level.

In this story, I talked with the office manager who explained to me that for the whole life of their practice, they’ve struggled with no-shows. It wasn’t until they learned about our dental marketing system that they eliminated their no-show problem.

The top three strategies to increase your show rate for dental implant consultations.

We taught them the framework and methodology that we use in our own Setter Center, and they applied that not only to their implant consultations but to any new patient that comes to them for a dental consultation.


Schedule your dental implant consultations quickly.

Striking while the iron is hot is imperative. If a potential patient is asked to wait 2 or 3 weeks before coming in for their consult, there’s a good chance they will find another dental implant provider to get them in more quickly. Consider adding an additional day or expanding your staff in order to schedule patients for their consultations quickly.


Build massive urgency and value in the consultation.

They’re letting the patient know exactly what is in it for them, and why they need to come quickly – not just assuming that the patient knows.

They explain all the reasons why people choose them, all the benefits of their first appointment, all the things that they will take away from it, the information, the education, and the dental treatment that they will get; it is all clearly explained to them. You can get a copy of some of the scripts we provide our clients in our Consult Scheduling Secrets eBook.

Implement a “no-call no-show” fee.

Lastly, they have started scheduling all new patient appointments with a credit card; and letting the person know there’s a no-call no-show fee. So if they don’t show up, that card will be charged for a $50 no-call no-show fee, or whatever amount you decide.

That’s the idea. And the strategy is that if you’re getting time on our calendar, it comes with a no-call no-show fee. Because we respect the time of the doctor, we respect our staff’s time and it’s time that we’re setting aside just for you.

So after implementing these things, their no-show problem – that they’ve historically had for years and years, has gone away. Now, their show rates are up over 90%.

In fact, over the last six months, they’ve had zero no-shows for new patient dental implant consultations. Hundreds of appointments booked and zero no-shows. Everybody’s coming in – but it doesn’t mean that everybody’s starting treatment – they still have to close the deal. However, every person that shows up, is an opportunity to seal the deal for a treatment start.

Why not take your practice to the next level? Get more patients on your schedule now!

I hope this is helpful. If you need help with scheduling, verbiage, or practicing in these areas, we are here to help and we’d love to work with you and would love to help you.

If you would like to improve in this area by refining and perfecting your verbiage, we can help you get there.

We’ll talk to you on the other side, keep up the great work!


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Dr. Wong

Dublin, CA

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