Overcoming Dental Implant Sticker Shock with Pre-Qualified Patients

As a success coach with Dental Implant Machine, I work closely with dental offices to help them achieve their goals and provide the best care for their patients. Recently, I had a check-in with an office in Maine where the office manager shared her frustrations about patients coming in after a positive phone call with our Dental Implant Machine setter, only to be sticker shocked during their in-person consultation.

Understanding the Psychology Behind Sticker Shock in Dental Implants Patients

At Dental Implant Machine, we use a Setter Center and Virtual Treatment Coordinator program to educate and pre-qualify patients for financing. So why were these patients still experiencing sticker shock? As I explained to the office manager, this is a common occurrence. Patients may use it as an easy way out or to delay treatment, even though they have already received a range of fees and are pre-qualified for financing.

However, it’s important to consider the psychology of these patients. Many of them have long-standing issues with self-confidence, speech, and smiling in public, which may be due to medical history, prescription drug use, addiction, or lack of education on proper hygiene. This can cause anxiety or negative behavior, leading to sticker shock.

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Understanding Patients’ Fears and Concerns: Digging Deeper to Provide Gentle Responses

As dental professionals, we need to respond gently to these patients and dig deeper to find out what their fears and concerns are. Perhaps they are afraid of the procedure itself, anesthesia, or the chair, which is why they haven’t visited a dentist in years. Maybe they had dental trauma with a different provider or are afraid of how they will look after the treatment.

It’s crucial to listen to these patients without immediately reacting or stooping down to a less-than-professional level. By gently responding and listening, we can quickly identify the source of their fears and make them feel comfortable and assured. Patients want to know that we are listening to them and that their concerns matter.

Tackle Patient No-Shows by Implementing Rule of Three for Cosigner Attendance


Another challenge that the office manager shared was patients not bringing a cosigner or support to their appointment, even though it was planned and scheduled. This can delay the treatment and decrease the likelihood of the patient returning. That’s why we use the “Rule of Three” to bring it up three different times and get both the patient and the cosigner to agree to attend the appointment. This is a surefire way of getting them both to attend and ensures that the treatment is completed in one step.

In conclusion, understanding the psychology behind sticker shock and the fears and concerns of dental implant patients is crucial for providing the best care possible. By listening to these patients, responding gently, and using the rule of three, we can ensure that they receive the care they need and deserve.


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