Full-Arch Secrets Podcast: Episode 5

Keep your practice schedule filled with implant patients during the holidays

Get your dental practice ready for the holiday patient objection influx! The latest Full-Arch Secrets Podcast episode reveals 6 common scenarios and how to navigate them to motivate dental implant patients to accept treatment. 

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Getting Patients to Say “Yes” to Dental Treatment This Holiday Season

Full-Arch Secrets podcast episode re-cap

The end-of-year holidays are notoriously the most difficult time to motivate patients to move forward with needed dental care. Many dentists find patients prone to excuses around busy schedules, travel plans, family commitments, bad weather deterring driving, and financial constraints during this season. However, by understanding the root of patients’ objections and fine-tuning value-focused messaging, dental teams can overcome these barriers to conversion.

Typical Patient Objections to Accepting Implant Treatment at the End of the Year

Patients often request to delay treatment until January or beyond the holidays for various reasons:

    1. I’m getting new insurance benefits that start in January.
    2. I’ve got a busy schedule right now.
    3. I’ve got family coming into town.
    4. It’s an expensive time of year for us.
    5. The weather is bad and I don’t like driving in the snow.
    6. I want to wait until after the holidays because…

Uncovering the Patient’s “Why”

The key is to uncover each patient’s core “why” – the true motivation behind their seeking treatment at this time. Once your dental staff knows the specific pain points or goals driving a patient’s interest, they can tailor their language to directly overcome objections tied to the holidays.

Sample Scenarios and Scripts to Overcome treatment acceptance objections

Here are some sample scripts dental teams can use to navigate common holiday patient scenarios:

    1. Appointments filling up fast – convey limited remaining slots before January to create urgency.
    2. Importance of scheduling soon rather than waiting – caution against further oral health risks if they delay too long.
    3. Special pricing or savings to incentivize booking ahead – limited-time discounts if they book by December 31st.
    4. Maximizing dental insurance coverage this year – use benefits now before they expire.
    5. Consultation doesn’t obligate treatment – simply explore candidacy for solutions initially.
    6. Offer virtual consults to ease access concerns – and alleviate weather, traffic, and scheduling barriers.

While every patient interaction differs, mastering value-focused language tailored to patients’ core motivations makes converting more treatment this holiday season possible. Practicing these engagement strategies through role-playing helps dental teams confidently address seasonal objections.

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