Qualify Large Dental Treatment Cases with No Hard Credit Checks and Instant Approvals

In this blog post, we are excited to highlight PatientFi, a company that specializes in qualifying large dental treatment cases without the need for hard credit checks and offers instant approvals. We will explore the benefits of working with PatientFi and how they can assist both patients and dental practices in obtaining the necessary financing for dental procedures.

Meet Matt Nicholatos With PatientFi

PatientFi has quickly gained a positive reputation in the industry, and we have Matt Nicholatos, a representative from PatientFi, joining us today. Matt brings with him extensive experience in patient financing, having previously worked with renowned companies like Spring Stone Patient Financing and Green Sky. His expertise and knowledge make him the perfect person to guide us through the features and advantages of PatientFi.

Understanding PatientFi and What They Bring to Dental Implant Finance

PatientFi has been serving the cosmetic and dental industry for the past five years. Initially focused on noninvasive cosmetic treatments, they have recently expanded their services to cover the dental space as well. What sets PatientFi apart is their ability to finance large treatment cases, with amounts of up to $40,000 and term lengths of up to 84 months. This makes them an ideal choice for patients seeking extensive dental procedures.

No Hard Credit Checks and Instant Approval for Dental Implant Finance

One of the standout features of PatientFi is their unique approach to financing. Unlike traditional financing options, PatientFi does not require hard credit checks, which can negatively impact a patient’s credit score. Instead, they offer pre-qualification with soft credit pulls, ensuring that the patient’s FICO score remains unaffected. Furthermore, PatientFi guarantees that the approved amount will not change during the account opening process, providing transparency and reliability to both patients and dental practices.

Exceptional Service and Customized Approach for Dental Practices and Dental Implant Patients

PatientFi is dedicated to providing exceptional service to both dental practices and patients. Their team of experienced professionals understands the importance of streamlining the financing process to maximize revenue for dental practices. With PatientFi, you can expect higher approval rates and the ability to customize your financing approach. They offer competitive rates as low as 6.99% and extended payment terms, resulting in more affordable monthly payments for patients.

Digital Marketing and Paperless Dental Implant Finance Process

PatientFi also offers digital marketing tools to help practices promote their financing options to patients. They provide self-service digital content, including social media campaigns and email templates, which can be tailored to the specific needs of each practice. Additionally, PatientFi takes pride in their paperless process, eliminating the need for paperwork and allowing for a seamless and convenient financing experience.

The Dashboard and Dental Implant Application Process

PatientFi’s user-friendly dashboard simplifies the financing process for dental practices. The application process is straightforward, involving collecting the patient’s email address and cell phone number for verification purposes. The application itself is designed to be intuitive and requires minimal information. By keeping the process simple and efficient, PatientFi ensures a hassle-free experience for both patients and practices.

Breakthrough Financial Solution for Affordable Dental Implant Treatment with Instant Approvals and Customizable Payment Terms

PatientFi offers an innovative financing solution for large dental treatment cases. With their no hard credit check policy, instant approvals, and extended payment terms, they provide a viable option for patients seeking affordable financing options. Dental practices can benefit from higher approval rates and customizable financing approaches, ultimately maximizing their revenue. PatientFi’s commitment to exceptional service and digital marketing tools further enhances the overall experience. Consider integrating PatientFi into your financial arsenal and help your patients achieve their desired dental treatments without unnecessary financial barriers.


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