Too busy to follow up on your dental implant leads?

How to close more dental implant patients without overwhelming your busy office

I just met with one of our clients who is located near Buffalo, New York. They’ve been with us for a couple of years now and we love them. It’s been a real pleasure working with them.

This dental office has talented and qualified staff, but they were often very busy dealing with a lot of different things. The staff members were often wearing multiple hats – hats in the sense of roles and responsibilities.

Occasionally, their pipeline of dental implant patient leads would accumulate and pile up. This was not because they didn’t want to follow up with the leads, or they weren’t trying – it was often time constraints and capacity that kept them busy.


Assign specific roles per person to maximize efficiency

Due to how busy they were – which was a hamper on their ability to call and schedule the new leads coming in – I suggested for they try out our service called the Setter Center, where we have a team that will handle all of the calling and scheduling. With the Setter Center, you just need to worry about those consultations that are happening in the office and closing them. The rest of the calling, following up, and scheduling is on the Setter Center team.

The office has only been using the Setter Center for a couple months now and in that short amount of time, they’ve amounted to over a hundred thousand dollars in treatment case values. Click here to get our FREE Guide on How to Schedule More Dental Implant Consults and learn more about the Setter Center program.

The dental office’s team, at that point, can work on going through all of the people that they’ve presented treatment to, follow up with them, and eventually close them. Now, they have more time to spend on the most important parts of the implant consultations rather than having to struggle with managing multiple roles.

Dedicated roles means more time to close dental implant treatments

The lesson learned here is the importance of distinguishing or separating those roles. Having a dedicated person for each role in the office such as a dedicated appointment setter or a dedicated closer, makes things easier. You might think that having one person manage multiple things at a time may be an efficient use of their time since they’d always have something to do. The truth is, not all good comes in one place – if they’re always busy working on multiple things, it can be easy to overlook or miss certain things that may require more attention.

I have seen offices that have the setter and the closer be the same person – it’s possible, it can work if you have someone who’s really motivated and gung ho – it might be able to work well. But there is a bottleneck that can inevitably happen, no matter how talented that employee is. Because when that person is setting appointments, they’re not closing treatments; and when they’re closing, they’re not setting.

Communication is key in everything

Another successful thing we have is communication. When we first started off, our team had to get a feel for the office and the certain settings and configurations that their office had for scheduling. But after we got those things sorted and figured out, that’s when we started seeing the momentum really build and started seeing even more results.

I’m really grateful for this office, for their communication. We have a text thread with me, our setter, and their team, and we’re talking on it all the time. If they have questions about anything at all or I have questions, we’re able to talk about it, and it’s a really great thing.

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I hope these tips have helped you. If you would like to incorporate the Setter Center into your practice, or if you have any questions, please Contact Us. We’d love to talk to you!

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We use Dental Implant Machine’s Setter Center.  Our setter, Eileen, has booked so many consults that we’re going to have to add some Fridays to get them all in!

Dr. Wong

Dublin, CA

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