Full-Arch Traffic: How to Find Quality Implant Patient Leads and How Much to Budget

Full-Arch Secrets Podcast: Episode 9

Revolutionizing Implant Processes: How Technology Drives Production Efficiency

Welcome to the Full-Arch Secrets Podcast, where we connect doctors with the strategies that can make transformative changes in their dental implant practice. This time we’re exploring how Romanax Labs is revolutionizing implant treatment planning and digital workflows, and embracing 3D-printed solutions.

Tune in to learn how digital dental implant treatment planning and surgical guides can save you time and provide a better experience for your patients!

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Full-Arch Secrets podcast episode re-cap

In the world of dental implantology, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Recently, Jacob Hiller of the Full-Arch Secrets podcast had an insightful conversation with Vladimir Roman, the founder of Romanax Labs, shedding light on how their revolutionary approach is transforming dental implant practices. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key takeaways from their discussion.

Full-Arch Secret: Optimize the efficiency of your operations

Jacob Hiller started the conversation by emphasizing the importance of the “full-arch framework.” Before delving into marketing strategies and patient education, there’s a need to establish a solid operational and clinical foundation. This includes expertise in handling complex cases and managing up to 40 full-arch cases a month. This is where Vladimir Roman and Romanax Labs come into play, offering essential support to dental practitioners.

Addressing Challenges of Treatment Planning in Dental Implant Practices

Jacob highlighted a common challenge faced by dentists – the need for efficiency and quick turnaround in treatment planning. Vlad explained how Romanax Labs focuses on taking the guesswork out of the process, ensuring that dentists receive treatment plans within 24 hours. This efficiency is crucial for practices looking to scale and provide timely care to implant patients.

The Rise of Guided Dental Implant Surgery

The conversation delved into the increasing adoption of guided surgery in the dental industry. Vlad shared insights into the gradual shift towards guided platforms, making the transition smoother for dentists. He emphasized the importance of trust in the surgical guides, recounting a scenario where accurate placement was confirmed through post-surgery comparison of CBCT scans.

Romanax Labs’ Solutions for Digital Workflows for Your Treatment Plans

As a leading dental lab specializing in surgical guides, Romanax Labs offers a streamlined process for dentists. From treatment planning to guide design and fabrication, they handle the intricacies, allowing dentists to focus on patient care. Vlad explained that their services cater to various implant systems, providing flexibility for practitioners.

The Future of Dental Labs

Discussing the future trends, Vlad touched upon the growing demand for 3D-printed solutions. Romanax Labs is adapting to this trend by developing offerings like printed crowns using hybrid ceramic materials. He sees a shift towards providing permanent solutions within 24 hours, leveraging advancements in printable ceramic resins.

Trying Out Romanax Labs For Your Dental Implant Practice:

For dentists interested in trying out Romanax Labs’ services, Vlad mentioned a user-friendly approach. Dentists can claim a free case by using a promo code, allowing them to experience the workflow and efficiency firsthand. Romanax Labs offers a 100% money-back guarantee, showcasing confidence in their services.

The conversation between Jacob Hiller and Vladimir Roman unveils the transformative impact of Romanax Labs on dental implant practices. By addressing operational challenges, embracing guided surgery, and adapting to emerging trends, Romanax Labs is empowering dentists to provide efficient and high-quality implant treatments. Dental practitioners looking to enhance their workflow and scale their practices may find Romanax Labs’ solutions to be a game-changer in the evolving landscape of dental implantology.


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