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Dr. Wong

Dublin, CA

2CC in ’23: How to make your next million in dental implant treatments

Over the last three months, Dental Implant Machine has hosted an exclusive webinar series for our clients that covered the best practices that every dental practice should follow in order to reach $1,000,000+ in dental implant treatment production.

When our doctors reach this milestone, we give them what we call the 2 Comma Club Award. This year, our mission is to get each one of our clients into this elite club and we’re helping them do it by sharing all the knowledge we have on growing a dental implant practice. It’s been so successful that we’ve decided to share most of our strategies with everyone.

Breaking your dental practice growth into bite-size pieces

In order to guarantee continued growth, you need to assess each part of your dental implant marketing and sales processes, and say, am I doing that? Could I potentially do it better?

There is no magic lever that you can pull that’s going to make you incredibly successful in dental implant production. There’s no magic lever you can pull that is going to get you your Two Comma Club Award in 2023. It’s really going to come from looking at each of the different areas of your dental implant practice and improving each one a little bit at a time. 

Watch the first part of the webinar series here to start learning the best practices we’re sharing.

Learn the secrets to growing your Dental Implant Practice

In the first part of this webinar series we discussed how to assess and implement best practices for dental implant marketing including:

  1. Setting growth goals and establishing budgets.
  2. Building a successful sales and marketing team.
  3. Knowing your numbers and understanding the areas that can be improved. (The Magic Metrics)
  4. Establishing a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to separate yourself from other dental implant treatment providers.
  5. Collecting Social Proof from your patients and why it’s instrumental in your growth.

If you think you’ve done these things. Take the time to reassess them. This is the difference between going from mediocre to good or from good to great.


Watch the first webinar of the 2CC in ’23 challenge

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