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Changing the “sales” mindset in dental practices: How this doctor made a million dollars in dental implants

Welcome to Dr. Tye Thompson of the Dental Studio of Midland, the newest member of the Dental Implant Machine Two Comma Club!

Dr. Tye Thompson’s journey with Dental Implant Machine exemplifies the transformative power of teamwork, effective communication, and strategic marketing in the field of implant dentistry. He and his team have leveraged Dental Implant Machine’s resources, to enhance their skills, attract more patients, and positively impact lives through advanced dental implant procedures. 

In this blog post, Dr. Thompson shares his experience with Dental Implant Machine’s marketing and coaching programs and his insights on teamwork, patient communication, and the vital role of an effective sales mindset in achieving remarkable results.

The Power of Teamwork and training in a Dental Implant Practice

Dr. Thompson attributes his success to his dedicated team at the Dental Studio of Midland. He acknowledges the essential role his team plays in the entire process, from the initial patient interaction to the final implant procedure. The team’s combined efforts, including lead management, patient consultations, and comprehensive assessments, ensure a seamless experience for patients and increase the chances of successful outcomes.

Dr. Thompson emphasizes the significance of using the right verbiage and actively listening to address patients’ needs. Through training and role-playing exercises, the team has honed their communication skills, allowing them to effectively convey information and provide reassurance to patients. Creating a comforting environment is crucial in building trust and establishing long-term relationships with patients.

Dr. Thompson’s Advice for New Dental Implant Doctors

When asked about advice for implant dentists starting out, Dr. Thompson encourages them to dive in headfirst and aim high. Success requires confidence, perseverance, and a passion for the profession. He emphasizes the importance of understanding human psychology and being empathetic to patients’ needs. By combining clinical expertise with excellent communication skills, dentists can create a strong foundation for their dental practice.

Unfortunately, taking a course on learning to perform dental implant treatments doesn’t teach you how to sell the service. Dr. Thompson highlights the positive impact Dental Implant Machine has had on their practice in this regard.  Working closely with their DIM Success Coach has helped the team refine their messaging and identify bottlenecks, leading to increased patient engagement and treatment acceptance rates.

“Dental Implant Sales is an Art and a Skill”

Dr. Thompson recognizes the stigma associated with sales in the dental industry. However, he emphasizes that selling dental services is an art and a skill. Dental Implant Machine not only equips dentists with the pipeline of potential patients but also offers a crucial element often overlooked in traditional implant and cosmetic courses: the ability to effectively sell and communicate the value of the service to patients. By embracing the sales process as a means to improve lives, dentists can elevate the perception of their profession.

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