How a Small Dental Implant Practice Earned Over $9 Million using DIM’s Full-Arch Framework

Join DIM CEO, Spencer Walker, and Piro Varfi from Trinity Dental Arts, as they go behind the scenes and discuss the remarkable success of Trinity Dental Arts, clinching the prestigious Two Comma Club Award an impressive nine times. This insightful dialogue unravels their journey, the challenges faced, and the strategic maneuvers they employed to scale their dental practice exponentially. 

Building a Sturdy Foundation for Your Dental Implant Practice

Piro Varfi underscored the paramount importance of establishing a robust foundation for success. Acknowledging the journey as an evolutionary process, he emphasized the need to fine-tune fundamental aspects, engage in continuous review, and provide ongoing training. In the nuanced landscape of private dental practice, maintaining a clear vision and a steady scaling pace emerged as pivotal factors for sustainable growth.

Focus on building relationships with your implant patients

Varfi sheds light on the unique challenges of managing full arch cases, distinct from the realm of general dentistry. Success, according to him, hinges on building credibility, fostering relationships, and prioritizing face-to-face interactions with patients. The strategic use of automation was revealed as a crucial tool, streamlining tasks to allow more focus on personalized patient care.

The power of process in the practice

Highlighting the significance of viewing every aspect as a process, Varfi stressed the need for constant monitoring, tweaking key elements, and a willingness to embrace change for sustained growth. Aligning the practice culture, fostering effective communication, and ensuring team involvement were identified as essential components in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Implement a Consistent Cadence of Review

Regular reviews, conducted at different intervals—daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually—form the backbone of Trinity Dental Arts’ success. This structured approach ensures team alignment with goals, meticulous analysis of performance metrics, and prompt adjustments. The commitment to this cadence emerged as a driving force behind their sustained success.


Ownership Mentality: A Key Factor in Dental Implant Practice Growth

Spencer underscored the ownership mentality exhibited by Piro Varfi and Dr. Gjelaj. Their active engagement in various aspects beyond clinical work, including marketing, team management, and content creation, was identified as a key factor propelling their success.

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Acknowledging the discomfort of venturing beyond the comfort zone, Varfi highlighted the rapid momentum gained once these efforts commenced. Video testimonials, social proof, and consistent content creation have become integral components of their marketing strategy, contributing significantly to their success.


A Blueprint for Aspiring Dental Practices

Trinity Dental Arts’ journey to earning the illustrious Two Comma Club Award 9 times stands as a compelling blueprint for dental professionals aspiring to scale their practices. The amalgamation of strategic vision, consistent processes, ownership mentality, and effective marketing has propelled them to sustained growth and success in a fiercely competitive landscape. Piro Varfi’s advice resonates as a guiding principle: be prepared for discomfort, embrace change, and commit wholeheartedly to the journey of building a practice that brings both high profits and satisfaction.

Varfi credited Trinity Dental Arts’ success to the adoption of the Dental Implant Machine in 2018. This marketing system, he emphasized, possesses a unique ability to align with the psychology of building a full-arch practice. Beyond traditional marketing, the system provides a systematic approach to staff training and practice conversion.

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