Invest Early, Grow Fast: Dr. Hanson’s Guide to Building a 2 Comma Club Dental Implant Practice

Achieving success in the dental implant industry requires dedication, strategic planning, and an unwavering commitment to systems and processes. Dr. Ben Hanson, a three-time 2 Comma Club winner, has exemplified these principles in his journey to create a thriving dental implant practice. In a recent interview, Dr. Hanson shared his insights and experiences, offering valuable lessons for dental professionals aiming to replicate his success.

Mastering the Systems: The Key to Dental Implant Practice Success

Dr. Hanson attributes much of his success to strictly following the systems recommended by Dental Implant Machine. “The key to success with doing full arch dentistry and working with Dental Implant Machine is just working the systems exactly as they recommend,” he emphasizes. The approach involves prompt follow-up with leads, scheduling consultations as soon as possible, and having a dedicated team focused solely on this task.

Having a well-trained team member on the implant machine portal all day is crucial. This person ensures that leads are called immediately and consultations are scheduled promptly. Dr. Hanson highlights that having a team dedicated to just this role is essential: “You have to strike while the iron’s hot.”

Lessons from the Journey: Scaling Faster with Strategic Investments

Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Hanson offers valuable advice to his former self and other dental professionals: invest in additional resources sooner. “I would have hired an extra doctor sooner, moved into multiple patients sooner, and developed a dedicated team for implant consultations earlier,” he advises. Balancing full arch dentistry with general dentistry can be challenging, and having a dedicated team allows for focused growth and better results.

By implementing these elements earlier, Dr. Hanson believes he could have ramped up his practice faster. He emphasizes the importance of not waiting too long to expand your team and services. “If I had done it sooner, I could even have better results today,” he reflects.

Trust the System: Ensuring Consistent Success In Dental Implant Practices

For those considering using Dental Implant Machine to scale their practice, Dr. Hanson offers strong endorsements. However, he also stresses the importance of following the prescribed systems. “You have to implement the systems they recommend, and if they’re telling you to hire another business assistant for a closer role, do it,” he advises.

Dr. Hanson underscores that while a marketing company can generate leads, the success ultimately depends on the internal team’s effectiveness in handling those leads. “A marketing company can produce tons of leads, but they can’t call the patient, do the consultation, or close the case. You need a team that can do all those things effectively,” he explains.

The Importance of a Well-Trained Dental Team

Spencer Walker, who conducted the interview, also highlighted the critical role of the internal team. He pointed out that the consistency of the team across different agencies often determines success. “We say that 80% of their success is actually in their closing team and their closing architecture,” Walker notes.

Dr. Hanson agrees, emphasizing that without a well-trained and effective team, even the best marketing efforts can fall flat. “If you do those things effectively, you’ll have a very high ROI on your marketing spend, and it will all be worthwhile,” he asserts.

Commitment to Dental Implant Practice Systems and Team Excellence

Dr. Hanson’s journey to becoming a three-time 2 Comma Club winner serves as an inspiring example for dental professionals. His success underscores the importance of strict adherence to proven systems, strategic early investments in resources, and maintaining a well-trained and dedicated team. By following these principles, dental practitioners can achieve significant growth and success in their implant practices.

As Dr. Hanson concludes, “When we’re all working in our roles, there’s amazing success. A lot of lives change, a lot of smiles change, and it’s so fun to be able to participate in that.” His insights and experiences provide a valuable roadmap for others looking to build a successful dental implant practice.

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