Success from A to Z: Dr. Buske’s Rapid Rise to the 2 Comma Club in Less Than 10 Months!

In a recent interview with Dr. Jeff Buske of Granbury Dental Center, we delved into the remarkable achievement of his induction into the Two Comma Club (2CC). This prestigious milestone signifies a significant financial success of surpassing the million-dollar mark, a feat achieved in less than ten months. Dr. Buske and his team’s journey sheds light on the key factors contributing to growth in a dental implant practice.

Growing a Dental Implant Practice Requires Leadership and Self-Reflection

When discussing his role as a leader, Dr. Buske emphasizes the importance of fluid leadership and self-reflection. He advocates for leaders being created through grit, learning from mistakes, and continuously evolving. Leading oneself is the foundational step, enabling effective leadership at various levels. Dr. Buske highlights the need for leaders to be confident, certain, and capable of enrolling their teams in a shared vision. He also emphasizes the significance of being coachable and maintaining open communication within the team.


Trusting the Process and Team Collaboration

Dr. Buske attributes his dental implant success to a few critical factors, the first being the unwavering trust in the process laid out by the Dental Implant Machine (DIM) program. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Dr. Buske emphasizes the importance of following a well-defined path to success. Acknowledging that success is a team effort, he underscores the significance of having a dedicated and skilled team aligned with a shared vision. As a leader, Dr. Buske stresses the importance of casting a compelling vision, enrolling the dental implant team in that vision, and fostering effective communication.

Having Fun with Your Team In Your Dental Implant Practice

A unique aspect of Dr. Buske’s approach is the incorporation of gamification into the practice. By making the journey enjoyable and rewarding, he infuses a sense of competition and joy into the team dynamics. Dr. Buske believes in celebrating not only monetary achievements but also emotional paychecks derived from patient satisfaction and transformative experiences.


Advice for Dental Implant Doctor’s Looking to Grow their Practice

Reflecting on his own journey, Dr. Buske offers valuable advice for those considering entering the field of dental implant practice. He encourages practitioners to take a leap of faith, whether starting with single implants or venturing into full-arch dentistry. Emphasizing the importance of resilience, he urges practitioners not to shy away from challenges but to embrace them as part of the learning process.

Focus, Fun, and Authenticity

Dr. Buske underscores the need for focus, recommending practitioners avoid fractured attention and stay committed to their goals. He advocates for incorporating an element of fun into the profession, cautioning against taking oneself too seriously. Authenticity is another key aspect, with Dr. Buske stressing the importance of showing up authentically both at work and in personal life.

Work-Life Balance & Recognition of Achievements in your Implant Practice Growth

In discussing work-life balance, Dr. Buske introduces a refreshing perspective, stating that life itself needs balance. By showing up authentically in all aspects of life, practitioners can achieve a harmonious balance. He encourages reflection, not only to envision the future but also to appreciate past achievements. Dr. Buske believes that looking back allows practitioners to celebrate growth, providing motivation for future endeavors.

Go “All-In” with Dental Implant Machine

Dr. Buske advises practitioners to go all-in and trust Dental Implant Machine’s program and not try to “recreate the wheel.” Stressing the need for commitment, he highlights DIM’s comprehensive framework, personalized approach, and the importance of a practitioner’s dedication to the transformative journey.

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