How to Increase Dental Implant Treatment Acceptance by Gaining Your Patient’s Trust

Dental Implant Machine has proudly collaborated with over 500 dental practices in the United States and Canada. Over the years, our journey has been marked by success stories of practices experiencing substantial growth, with some adding over a million dollars in production. However, we’ve also encountered challenges faced by practices struggling to attract new patients and witnessing a stall in their growth.

In analyzing the stark contrast between thriving and stagnant practices, we’ve identified common themes. One key factor emerges — the ability to establish trust with patients. This is particularly crucial in the realm of dental implant procedures, where patients face significant financial investments and life-altering decisions.

The Unique Challenge of Dental Implant Patients

Dental implant procedures demand a substantial financial commitment and represent a pivotal life decision for patients. Beyond the financial aspect, patients grapple with the anticipation of a major surgical procedure and the associated anxiety. Compounding this, the typical full arch patient often hasn’t visited a dental clinic in seven to nine years, emphasizing the urgency when they finally seek treatment.

Building Trust with Your Dental Implant Patients

Successful practices excel in building trust with patients swiftly, employing empathy and authenticity. Recognizing that trust is paramount for patients considering dental implant treatment, providers must create an environment that fosters comfort, welcomes, and values new patients.  Download our Guide on Building Trust using Empathy Statements here.

The focus should be on two crucial objectives for new patient growth — cultivating trust in the provider and instilling confidence in dental implants as a viable solution. Our experience demonstrates that when a patient’s trust in the provider reaches a certain level, patients find ways to finance their treatment.

A Trust-Building Success Story

One noteworthy example showcases a patient’s determination and commitment to addressing their dental needs. Despite facing financing challenges, the patient, motivated by trust and the urgency of their dental health, went above and beyond to find a way to pay for their treatment including getting a second job.

In this success story, the treatment coordinator played a pivotal role. By asking discovery questions, showing empathy, and actively listening to the patient’s story, she laid the foundation of trust. This trust empowered the dentist to deliver a bold diagnosis, prompting the patient to take drastic measures to fund their dental implant treatment.

At Dental Implant Machine, our passion is fueled by the incredible stories of metamorphosis and patient lives forever changed through the triumphs of successful dental implant practices. If you’re tired of being just ordinary and are ready to script your own tales of triumph, now is the moment to seize the opportunity!

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