Full-Arch Secrets Podcast: Episode 7

The Full-Arch Funnel: Connecting the Implant Patient Journey in Your Marketing Strategy

Want to know how DIM creates millionaires almost every week with our Full-Arch Funnel?  The secret is in our funnel strategy. Dental implant marketing funnels, when done right, can create a constant pipeline of patients for your practice. If you can connect each piece of the funnel to a stage of the patient’s journey, you can skyrocket your growth! 

🎧 Tune in to learn how to schedule more consultations by connecting your marketing to your patient’s journey! 🎧

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Full-Arch Secrets podcast episode re-cap

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Full-Arch Secrets podcast! Today, we embark on a journey into the intricacies of dental implant marketing, focusing on the indispensable marketing architecture and, more specifically, the full-arch funnel. We aim to empower dental practices to meet and exceed their growth aspirations.

Review of The Three Pillars in Dental Implant Marketing:

Our comprehensive approach comprises three foundational pillars: authority architecture, marketing architecture, and closing architecture. In this episode, we delve into the marketing architecture, dissecting the mechanics of the full-arch funnel.

Understanding the Full-Arch Funnel:

At the heart of successful dental implant marketing lies the full-arch funnel, a strategic system designed to guide potential patients through a transformative journey. It’s not just a marketing tool; it’s a psychological roadmap aligning with the intricate decision-making process patients undergo.

  1. The Implant Marketing Funnel Concept
    This critical component breaks down into several stages, mirroring the patient’s journey. From problem awareness to seeking solutions, assessing options, and making a significant financial commitment, the full-arch funnel navigates this intricate path, engaging and guiding patients at every step.
  2. You must drive Traffic to your Funnel
    While the importance of traffic, or advertising, cannot be understated, we reserve this topic for a future discussion. Instead, let’s focus on the top of the funnel, where practices strategically employ landing pages or websites to entice potential patients.

Top of the Dental Implant Funnel:

Here, a well-crafted landing page or website becomes the gateway for patients. An enticing offer, akin to a tempting carrot, is presented, encouraging visitors to take immediate action. The call to action (CTA), be it a phone number or a form, serves as the bridge to initiate engagement.

Marketing Automation is the Key Success-Driver of your Funnel:

Enhancing patient experience is where marketing automation comes into play. Automated text messages and emails become invaluable tools for follow-up, providing information, nurturing relationships, and ensuring swift responses – even during non-business hours.

The Patient Journey:

Understanding the complexity of the patient journey is key. From problem recognition to solution-seeking, assessing alternatives, and committing to a significant decision, this psychological transformation is unique to each patient and requires a nuanced approach.

Unlike hasty marketing approaches, we stress the need for patience. Building trust in the dental implant patient is a gradual process that demands careful nurturing and understanding.


As we wrap up this episode, consider this a prelude to our next exploration, where we’ll delve deeper into traffic strategies and unveil more layers of the full-arch funnel. Join us in building a community dedicated to transforming lives through cutting-edge dental implant solutions. Like, share, and let’s embark on this educational journey together!


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