Introducing the Full-Arch Framework

The Full-Arch Secrets podcast equips dental professionals (and their teams) with actionable ways to DOMINATE in dental implantology and achieve exponential practice growth.

In this episode, we introduce the Full-Arch Framework, comprising three pillars to success: Authority, Marketing, and Closing.

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Learn the 3 Pillars of the Full-Arch Framework

Read the full conversation with Spencer Walker, Jacob Hiller, Kevin Vaughn, and Chayden Young

Spencer Walker:
Welcome to the full Arch Secrets podcast. This is the podcast where we will share and discuss strategies to dominate your dental implant market and grow your production beyond your wildest dreams. That is our goal, and we are on a mission to help as many practices grow and to help change as many patients’ lives through dental implant treatment.

So we’d love your support in getting the word out there by commenting liking and subscribing to help other doctors learn about this as well and get the message out there. So, uh, thank you for listening today and, uh, we are excited to introduce ourselves.

We are the new owners of Dental Implant Machine. Now, as new owners, that does not mean that we have just come in. We’ve actually been involved with an implant machine for years and, uh, been involved with dental plant marketing and sales for a number of years, and we are excited to introduce ourselves. And, uh, before we do that, just wanna give you a quick rundown on what we are up to and what we will be discussing on this podcast. And that is that over the years, we have had the privilege of working literally with hundreds of doctors, uh, in actually multiple countries learn how to market and sell dental implants.

As we’ve done that, especially lately with the current state of the dental implant economy, we’ve seen, uh, some doctors start shrinking in production while others are having the best months they’ve ever had. Uh, it’s really growing a competitive field out there and, uh, I, I kind of liken it to the early stages of clear aligners, if you remember that. So anyway, we, uh, over the past few months have been digging in and saying, okay, why are some of these doctors just crushing it? What are the, why are some doctors in spite of the state of the economy, why are they having the best months they’ve ever had? And why are some shrinking and what’s the difference? And we’re gonna talk about that.

We have discovered a framework that we call the full arch framework, and those doctors who are crushing it follow the framework really well. And those that are shrinking don’t.

And so, quick background, everybody, nice to meet you. I’m Spencer Walker. I’m the CEO of Dental Implant Machine. And a quick background of story is the previous owner of Dental Implant Machine, uh, was somebody I knew and I brought him a dentist who was a client of mine. So this dentist became a mutual client, and we worked together to develop the first dental implant marketing funnel. And it worked really well. And, uh, it was very exciting. We created an info guide and eventually, we created an eval form. You know, one of those, like fill out this form to find out if you’re candidate, you probably, if you’re listening to this, have seen some of those out there. It has become kind of the gold standard in marketing.

I think a hundred percent of our competitors use those tools that we’ve developed. And that’s been the nature, uh, since the get-go is, uh, kind of leading the market, staying at the, the cusp of it and figuring out what’s working today to develop that. Right. So, uh, excited to bring you those tools in, in this podcast and talk about what’s, what’s working now, what’s working, um, to help you in your production today. So over the past few years, uh, these amazing guys here on this call with me, um, have been added on to our executive team, joined our team, and they are some of the best of the best out there and in helping us in helping you, and I’m excited to introduce them. So that’s a little bit of background on me. Uh, Kevin Vaughn, do you wanna introduce yourself?

Kevin Vaughn
Yeah, thanks, Spencer. So, hello everybody. I’m Kevin Vaughn. I joined the DIM family just weeks before COVID hit America in 2020. I’ve been with the company ever since. It’s been a great ride. I’ve had the privilege of working personally with many of you listeners, probably, and, uh, hundreds of clients over the years to help them achieve this great award that’s in our background that is called the Two Comma Club Award, and it’s just been a great ride ever since I joined. So, uh, thanks for having me on the podcast, and happy to help all you listeners grow your dental implant production yourselves.

Spencer Walker
Awesome. Thanks, Kevin. Chayden, do you wanna introduce yourself?

Chayden Young
Yeah, of course. So I’m Chayden Young. Um, I’ve been in marketing for about 10 years now, and I originally fell in love with marketing because it was an opportunity to work with entrepreneurs trying to help them t achieve their dreams, their dreams. Um, since then I have worked for a few different agencies, but I’ve always been on the agency side of things.

And when the opportunity presented itself just by happenstance, um, to come over and work at Dental Implant Machine, I jumped on that opportunity and, uh, was I, I absolutely fell in love with what we were doing and the process and our, our service that we have. Um, and when the opportunity presented itself for us to purchase the company, we, we absolutely jumped on that opportunity. Um, on a side note, I actually serve and still serve in the US Army in, uh, the Utah National Guard. So most of the time I’m, I’m here working in the office, but occasionally if you reach out to me, I’m not around because I’m, I’m out, uh, shooting guns or, or blowing things up, having a good time.

One last thing. I, as the VP of Client success, I still handle a couple of our offices and in fact, some of the, some of the two common Club awards behind me are, are actually offices that I personally work with. And, uh, I just love, no matter what I do, I still love talking to the entrepreneur. I still love having those conversations. It really just gets me going and, uh, I get really excited and energized talking with, uh, business owners and entrepreneurs about, um, marketing and, and more specifically dental and implant marketing.

Spencer Walker:
So, Hey, and, and I have to just say really quick, Chayden and I have something in common, so I, I don’t anymore, but I did serve in the Army National Guard. I spent a year in Iraq, but I will say that Chayden’s way more tough than I am. This guy is a Green Beret, like legit Green Beret, special forces guys. So, um, hats off to you. Thanks for your service. And alright, last but not least is Jacob Hiller. Jacob, tell us about you.

Jacob Hiller:
Hey Guys, I’m Jacob Hiller. Uh, in 2007 I started doing marketing online, selling my own books, and, uh, since then have continued selling online and creating funnels till I was able to meet up with Dental Implant Machine and train some of the biggest and fastest growing implant offices in the world. And, uh, just excited to be here with a good group, so thank you.

Spencer Walker:
Yeah, and Jacob has an extensive background in marketing, like we just scratched the surface. And so over the next few weeks and months as we get on here, hopefully you guys will, um, get to know the, these guys that we just introduced to you, uh, better and as they bring their rich experience, uh, to your practices.

So what is the state of the current dental implant economy? Uh, what do you guys see out there? I mean, we hit on competition a little earlier, it seems like every weekend. What did we say earlier? There’s a church on every corner and a dental implant, uh, training program on the other corner right now in America. And every general dentist out there is getting their implant wings, right? Like every weekend another one gets their implant wings. So a lot more doctors want to get a piece of that pie. And then, uh, what else are we seeing out there, guys?

Kevin Vaughn
We have 10,000 senior citizens reaching retirement any day. And so we have more people coming into this demographic that are ISTs or will be ISTs. And so there’s a lot of providers, the supply of providers is

Spencer Walker
Yeah, that’s actually, that’s predicted through 2030, right?

Chayden Young
Baby boomers, Baby boomers, they’re just gonna keep coming. Yeah, And we actually had a meeting with, uh, Proceed Financial, one of our partners. And they actually said the state of the dental implant economy, there is more production in the economy now than there ever has been in the past. Mm-hmm. So, uh, you know, to Spencer’s point, to your point Spencer, what, what’s the difference between the offices that are being successful and seeing success and those that aren’t? And we’re really, really excited to talk about the, uh, framework that you’re gonna go into.

Spencer Walker
Yeah, well, and, and I don’t wanna throw too much water ’cause that’s true. All that stuff is good. You do have increased competition. We are seeing increased inflation and we are seeing the fed tightening the financial market, uh, which tightens it up and makes it a little bit more difficult. It seems like the, uh, the average F I C O score needed in order to qualify for implants. It keeps kind of creeping up a little bit recently ’cause of the market tightening it up, making it a little bit more difficult. These patients have to spend more on ga milk and gas, and so do we, uh, hate that. But anyway, it’s, they are, it just makes it a bit tighter on the wallet. And so fortunately there are people coming in to the market, but it’s also tighter on the market. And so we’re seeing this place where they’re being more cautious in how they spend their money with whom they spend their money.

And that’s where the framework comes into place, right? Because if there are more options and they’re more careful in how they spend their money ’cause of the economy, then that means you as a doctor have to stand out. You gotta make sure that you have your systems and processes and, and the full-arch framework that we’re gonna share with you in just a second. So, uh, you’ve gotta have this in place if you do. This is literally the best practices from the very top performing dental implant doctors in the nation. We’re gonna share that framework with you guys right now. So if you’re listening to this podcast, we’ll describe it. If you’re watching, we’re gonna share a screen here and here we go. Okay, we got it up here.

Here’s the Dental Implant Machine Full-Arch Framework. And if you’re listening and imagine a, an edifice with like this building and it has three arches, kind of like a Roman or Greek building, you know, with three pillars under it, if you were to take one of the pillars out, kind of like a three-legged chair, uh, the building starts to crumble or, or falls over, right? It can’t see be sustained. And that is what we’ve seen, right? Guys, like across the board, these offices that are struggling are weak in one or more of these areas. One of these three pillars. And those three pillars are the authority architecture, the marketing architecture, and the closing architecture, the framework. So let’s talk about those really quick. This is just a quick introduction to this framework, and then in subsequent episodes, we’re gonna deep dive and it’s gonna be awesome. We’re gonna invite people on, we’re gonna invite clients on, and we’re gonna talk about all the best practices and share these secrets with you guys over the next, uh, weeks and months. So, uh, authority architecture, anybody, any of you guys want to talk about that? What is the authority architecture?

Kevin Vaughn
I’ll take the authority architecture. So this really comes down to how you set yourself apart and how you position yourself as an authority figure in your local community for all of the dental implant patients that are out there, uh, ripe for the taking, you know, available for anybody else to, uh, to do the treatment. So it comes down to three things.

The first one’s the unique value proposition that you and your practice put out there. It’s like the reason why someone would choose you over anyone else.

The next aspect of the authority architecture is social proof. And this is just proof that you help patients achieve their dream outcome that you’ve helped other people go from, you know, beginning to end in this process.

And then the third aspect of the authority architecture is producing educational content. It helps patients like and trust dental implants while also establishing you as a trusted authority figure.

Spencer Walker
I love that. Alright. All right, Jacob, I’m gonna ask you, will you introduce the marketing architecture?

Jacob Hiller
Absolutely. So when I think of the marketing architecture, um, I always think about the patient journey. So where are the patients and how are they engaging within dental, dental implants? And what the marketing architecture’s gonna do is find out, hey, where are these patients and how are they describing their situation and their paint? And a lot of these people are not yet ready to come into an office to sit in a chair, but they are ready to get educated. They are ready to get a better understanding of what the process is, how much it might cost them.

And so the full large funnel is about creating that patient journey within your own office so that you can start to get those hand raises and then go out there and find the traffic and connect the dots for them. So for those of you who are able to find patients who aren’t yet ready to come into the office, but still engage them and nurture them into your office, you’re gonna find that you can fill your funnel, you can fill your practice with a lot, a lot easier, uh, than otherwise.

Spencer Walker
I love that. I, I envision this as like a big funnel with the, the world, your, your full market at the top and then at the bottom, a happy paying patient And it’s like if you can get them in, you know, the, the traffic portion of this is like getting people in and then nurturing them and building that relationship to get them to come all the way through that funnel to where they’re, they’re paying you, right? And it’s making sure you have that system that will enable you to do that. And we will go into depth about that, the different types of tools you can use to nurture and build that relationship, the different types of ads that will track people in and little secret lets you in the authority architecture is a big part of that. Just gonna throw that out there. So this is why it all ties together. All right, Chayden, do you wanna go over the closing architecture?

Chayden Young
Absolutely. And to introduce the closing architecture, I, I want to tell just a quick story. So we had, we had an office that was targeting a very specific area. Um, the office wasn’t seeing success, so we adjusted their targeting and, uh, we, the, the area that they were targeting was then opened up for anybody to target. Uh, a new office came in and they were to, they were able to have a ton of success. And I personally believe a lot of that was due to the closing architecture. And let me explain. So the closing architecture is knowing the patient, knowing how to best serve the patient.

In addition to that, Spencer Walker mentioned that, that I’m in the military behind every great organization, whether it’s military, business, you name it, is a great team. Um, so having that great team and every individual on that team knowing their specific role or how they operate inside of, of the team.

Um, the next thing is the set. So calling these, calling these potential patients and talking to them, figuring out how we can help them move forward and how we can eliminate obstacles that stand in their way of getting the, getting the treatment they need to, to really help, um, improve their lives and quality of life. And then lastly is the consultation. So when they’re actually in your office, what are you talking to them about? Even down to when you leave the consultation to bring in somebody else, what is the patient doing during the time that you’re gone? Are you being purposeful in that? Are you giving them something to do or are you just letting them play on their phone? So, uh, I really went over the closing architecture briefly, but there is so, so much that’s involved in that.

I personally believe that the closing architecture is the difference between an office that has a little bit of success and an office that is a top performing office doing multi multiple million dollar, um, months, um, month over month over month.

Spencer Walker
So, Well, and Chayden, none of us are gonna argue with a Green Beret, man, So you could take us all out with your little pinky. So, but yeah, like there’s, there’s some really great stuff on here to your point, you know, take one of your team members in there and increase the results just a little bit and you can literally double production really easy with just a few tweaks to what they’re doing. And, um, having the right team and having the right training for them is incredibly important. That makes your marketing budget go a lot further.

So, alright, that is the introduction to the full arch framework. Like I said, we’re gonna dive deep on this. Uh, we’re very excited to go over that. Uh, we’re very excited to be at the helm of Dental Implant Machine and, uh, helping doctors and sharing the insider info that we have. Our goal as , Kevin mentioned earlier is to, is to change lives. Like we wanna help as many people as we can and we really, really appreciate, um, respect that opportunity to be involved with you all. Um, have you listening to us again, please, like, subscribe, share, um, and let’s get the word out there and let’s go change lives together. So, alright, until next time everybody, appreciate y’all. Have a wonderful day. We’ll see ya.


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