Full-Arch Secrets Podcast: Episode 6

Why Educational Content Matters to Your Dental Implant Patients (and how it can catapult your practice growth)

Explore how educational content can build trust, address patient queries, and position your practice as an authoritative figure. This is a must-listen if you’re ready to amplify your practice’s presence in your local dental implant market!

🎧 Tune in to learn how to establish your dental practice as the authority on dental implants! 🎧

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Take Advantage of the Power of Educational Content in Dental Implant Marketing

Full-Arch Secrets podcast episode re-cap

Welcome, dental professionals and enthusiasts, to another insightful episode of the Full-Arch Secrets Podcast! In this episode, Kevin and Spencer dive into the critical aspect of establishing authority within the Full-Arch Framework. If you’re eager to dominate your local dental implant market and propel your practice to unprecedented heights, stay tuned!

Unveiling the Authority Architecture – The Role of Educational Content

Today, we’re exploring the pivotal role of educational content in positioning yourself as a trusted authority in the dental implant arena. To succeed, practices need to accomplish two key things: make people like and trust dental implants and make them like and trust the dentist. Educational content is our focus today because it plays a significant role in achieving both these goals.

Understanding the Full-Arch Framework

Kevin provides a quick rundown of the Full Arch framework, emphasizing the authority architecture, marketing architecture, and closing architecture. Educational content falls under the authority architecture, working alongside unique value propositions and social proof.

The Funnel Concept

Spencer introduces the concept of the marketing funnel, illustrating its width at the top and narrowing down at the bottom. At the top, potential patients need to become aware of dental implant solutions and understand their benefits. Educational content plays a crucial role here by bridging the gap and guiding them towards making informed decisions.

Why Educational Content Matters in Your Dental Implant Practice

Spencer emphasizes the necessity of getting people to like and trust dental implants and the dentist. Educational content, often in the form of videos, helps answer potential patients’ questions, build trust, and create a sense of authority. It serves as a two-fold tool, making patients confident about dental implants and establishing the dentist as an expert.

The Value Equation: a key player in the dental implant patient’s decision-making process

Kevin introduces the value equation, emphasizing the prospect’s dream outcome multiplied by their perceived likelihood of achievement. Educational content, particularly in video form, showcases the transformative power of dental implants, aligning with the prospect’s dream outcome and increasing their confidence in achieving it.

Tips for Creating Valuable Educational Content for Dental Implant Treatment

  1. Avoid Technobabble: Speak in terms your audience can understand. Remember, your audience is your patients and they probably didn’t attend dental school!
  2. Keep it Simple: Explain concepts in straightforward terms, using visuals when possible.
  3. Address Urgency: Discuss the importance of acting promptly, emphasizing potential complications if they delay treatment.

Conclusion and Actionable Steps

Kevin concludes the episode by urging listeners to create simple educational videos using their smartphones. These videos can be incorporated into ads, landing pages, websites, and consultations. By leveraging educational content, practices can inform, engage, and position themselves as trusted authorities.

As Kevin says, “Doctors, if you’re listening, you have any questions about how to implement this either into your campaign or into your business, please let us know. We’re happy to help. We’re ready and eager to answer any and all questions as it relates to helping more patients say yes to you when they find you for dental implant treatment.”

And with that, let’s go close some arches! Until next time, take care and keep shining in your dental implant journey.


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