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$100K in Dental Implant Treatment Starts in Just One Month: See How This Dental Office Closes More Dental Implant Cases

My name is Michele Wallace, with Salem Dental. When I first started with Dental Implant Machine, I saw all these dental implant patient leads coming through but I wasn’t sure what it was all about and how impactful it was going to be. We had another person that was setting our appointments and after she left, it fell onto my shoulders. At that point, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to really focus on the Dental Implant Machine system and didn’t pay much attention to it. But, once I had my staffing situation set up better, I had a bit more time to focus on the system. Learn about Dental Implant Machine’s System >>

A System to Organize Your Implant Leads Helps you Identify your Hot Opportunities

It is the most awesome tool to really line up great candidates for dental implant treatment. I’ve been able to utilize the system and everything it offers. Being able to have everything organized, see all your patients and their information at once, and know their current status is so useful. Also being able to text patients is one of the greatest things I’ve been utilizing lately – which is most convenient due to everyone’s busy life. Once I get the patients interacting with me via text, I can move in and get them set up to come in for an evaluation, and we can go from there. The video content that Dental Implant Machine puts out has also been super helpful. Every single video that they produce, I take something away from it. It may not be one giant thing that has won me over, but there is a golden nugget in everything they put out.

Focus on the Patient’s Goals First, and the Treatment Plan Second

One of the things that really stood out for me when watching Dental Implant Machine’s videos was the idea of talking to the patient and finding out what their objective or vision was, as to what they wanted to get out of treatment. Instead of just presenting what we know or what we think is best for them, we have them talk first and tell us what they want; and based on that, we tell them what we need to do to achieve that. Putting the focus on their goals first, and the treatment plan second was a real game changer. Being able to have them know what they want, and having them hold onto that vision and making it their own path, has helped me close more cases. We also want to make sure that they’re comfortable and confident in their decision. Taking the time to listen to that patient and figure out what their end goal is – what their vision is – and then working your treatment plan to their vision is super impactful.

Want to Expand Your Practice? Increase Your Dental Implant Patient Volume Now!

When we signed up for the Dental Implant Machine program, I was very busy at the time and wasn’t able to work with the system very much. However, I knew that the system was working because I wasn’t doing anything, but I was still getting leads and getting people calling. Without putting any effort into it, these leads were coming through, so I thought what if I put a little effort into it. I tried putting in a few minutes here and there when I was free. And every time I worked it, it just increased the number of patients coming in for dental implant consultations. If you have the opportunity to take the time and work the system, it is a sure thing and it makes it easy. The way it’s set up, the texts, the emails, and the video blogs that get sent out – are all really great tools and information. Try the Dental Implant Machine Marketing System Here >> If I were to talk to someone else that is doing my role, I would say read all the emails and watch all the videos that get sent out by Dental Implant Machine. They have great tips and tricks, and a ton of helpful tools to maximize efficiency in your office and to increase the volume of your dental implant cases. We have been increasing our volume significantly and are able to expand our practice. We’ve been able to bring on a nurse and anesthetist full-time into our practice; so we can open up more surgery days and help people get better smiles and help them get to a better place in their lives that much faster. Right now, we’re booked about 3 months out – being able to open up more days is going to shorten that time significantly. Having this system work as efficiently as it has, and being able to close more cases has brought in the revenue and generated the income to allow us to expand.

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